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Sr. Project Manager III

The Sr. Project Manager III reports to the President (CEO).  


Location: Tulsa, OK


The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for the coordination and completion of engineering projects.  The PM will oversee all aspects of projects.  Responsibilities consist of administering the project/contract scope of work, including budget profit/loss, project/contract schedule, and customer relations for the assigned projects. He/she is responsible for the coordination of effort amongst the appropriate disciplines. In fulfilling this responsibility, the Project Manager plans, organizes and manages the project in accordance with established project execution processes to ensure the project meets or exceeds success criteria (scope, deliverables, schedule, cost, quality, customer satisfaction, etc.).
It is highly desirable that a mechanical engineer with extensive mid-stream, or other oil and gas facility experience, fill this position to facilitate excellent communication with the clients, and maintain high quality in all deliverables.


As the Project Manager, they are accountable for overall execution of project planning.  They approve time charges and invoices, assign tasks, manage project budget, establish and maintain schedule and change orders, and define scope, maintain CHAIR logs, and bid recommendations, evaluate delivery of complete package, and process documents via ShareFile. 
As the Client Manager, they manage all communications, document control, procurement, and write proposals as directed by Business Development. 
As the Team Manager, they evaluate each team member’s performance annually, make hiring and termination recommendations*, interview to fill team vacancies, and handles all personnel issues for the team. 
Project Managers approve all time and expenses related to their projects.
Absolute commitment to safety, and the policies of both the company and the clients.
Accountable for overall execution of project planning.  Approves project time charges and invoices.
The PM serves as the leader for the company in the management of projects, ensuring that the client and all stakeholders are managed effectively and that all project requirements are met. 
The PM functions as the project team leader and quality manager for each project.   The PM directs, monitors, and controls the activities of all involved departments and subcontracted employees and evaluates each team member’s performance annually.  He/she oversees all actions required by the company to enable our customers to be successful. 
The PM identifies and takes the necessary action to minimize the project risks, and to ensure that each project achieves maximum profitability.
The PM relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals: A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.
The PM is involved in hiring and firing recommendations, interviewing of team vacancies, maintain CHAIRD logs, and bid recommendations.
Performs other duties as necessary and as requested by management.
Responsible for maintaining utilization and profitability for their project team. 


Specific actions taken by the PM during the different phases of a project are outlined below.
Negotiation Phase

Assist Sales, Management, and Marketing in coordinating technical and procurement scope issues as may be requested.
Assist in proposal development – estimating and budget development as directed by Business Development.

   Project Initiation Phase

Works with sales, management, and marketing for smooth handover of the project
Works with various departments to organize the project team
Work with clients to identify needs for project development
Prepares the Project Execution plan (PEP), including the project schedule, after discussions with the involved departments
Executes customer and internal kick off meetings

   Project Execution Phase

Responsible for customer interface and customer satisfaction
Responsible for scope management
Responsible for project schedule and cost control
Monitors technical performance including design reviews with Engineering/Design teams and quality controls
May perform as a Subject Matter Expert for specific tasks
Oversees equipment procurement – approves all equipment purchases (as required)
Ensures effective and timely project communications
Responsible for the identification of changes in scope and develops change orders. Responsible for management of change order including development, submission and approval, communicating changes to the project team, cost control of changes, etc.
Mentors, supervises, and evaluates project teams
Responsible for project risk assessment and management including identification, analysis, and resolution
Develops and submits weekly progress reports as required.
Approves budget variance reports, including mitigation plan
Initiates and approves all subcontracting work.
Coordinates and monitors all field work (as required)
Monitors all checkout and start up activities (as required)
Oversees warranty coverage and issues (as required)

   Project Closeout Phase

Responsible for completing the project closeout documentation in conjunction with the PMO
Responsible for documenting Lessons Learned for the project
Responsible for documenting best practices developed on the project
Responsible for preparing and conducting the project closeout meeting
Responsible for assisting the PMO in archiving of the project documentation



Writes clearly and precisely; speaks tactfully and convincingly; listens well; shares work related information freely; must be computer literate and capable in Microsoft applications.

Problem Solving

Ability to evaluate situations, understand complex process and mechanical solutions, review options, and make logical and practical decisions; uses independent thought, originality, and reasoning; proficient in prioritizing work and the timely implementation of solutions to problems.

Interpersonal Relations

Ability to establish and maintain positive relations with others, both internal and external. Must be a leader, mentor, and manager of diverse teams and personalities.


Ability to identify pro-actively, potential issues that may impact the project negatively; lead the teams in issue resolution; ability to see beyond the immediate assignment in order to achieve expected results; seek to enhance or broaden personal profession skills; display energy and enthusiasm toward assigned work.

Cost Performance

Ability to perform cost monitoring and control – early identification of financial issues; find creative ways of managing costs; maximize productivity with existing resources; identifies where additional resources are required.

Quality of Work

Provides evidence of professional and technical proficiency; achieves completeness, accuracy, neatness of work; displays conformance with company and departmental standards.
Must oversee the quality of communication, designs, and deliverables to the clients.


Displays the appropriate attitude, actions, and appearance for the position; maintains own work area; committed to professional growth; takes responsibility for actions and amount of supervision required; possesses a skill level that inspires respect and confidence.

Quantity of Work

Produces an acceptable level of work with the allotted time when compared with the job requirements; the work accomplished is of high quality, thorough, accurate, and acceptable.


Ability to inspire teamwork and high morale; constructively influences the performance of others; able to obtain results through others.

Development of Others.

Recognizes and seeks to develop the ability and skill of all associates and reporting employees.




B.S. (or higher) in Engineering, Business, or other applicable field is required.  A P.E. license is highly desirable, but may not be required if significant experience and a good name in the industry is presented.
Minimum of eight (8) years of Project Management experience in gas plant design including gas treating, refrigeration, and cryogenic plants.  Candidate must be willing to pursue the PMP Certification within 12 months of hire date.
Candidate must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills with clients and internal project team members and have the ability to positively represent the company to clients and potential clients.
Must be sensitive to client needs and be able to find ways to add value throughout the project life cycle.
Must have experience working within a structures PM framework to manage and control project schedule, cost, and scope.
Must have experience in identifying change orders and facilitating the change order process.
Must have effective working ability of Microsoft Office applications including MS Word, Excel, MS Project, Outlook, etc.




Travel 10-20% of the time
Must be focused on safety
Capable of sitting at a computer for up to eight (8) hours or longer per day in an office
Visitation and work in refineries, chemical plants, drilling platforms, manufacturing plants, gas processing plants, and pipelines during construction and operation phases
Climbing as needed to access process towers and equipment for both ladders and stairs
Ability to use supplied air devices in potentially hazardous atmospheres
Must be able to enter confined spaces occasionally
Must have legal driving license for at least passenger car and light truck
Must be able to drive a car or light truck
Must be able to operate a cellular phone
Must be able to walk at least ½ mile across broken ground
Must be able to carry at least 20 pounds for 1/4 mile
Must be able to work outdoors in hot, cold, mild, dry, windy, and/or wet weather for several hours at a time
Ability to quickly mobilize out of locations during dangerous gas, liquid, or operational discharges or upsets
Must be able to read, compose and understand complex documents in English
Must be able to be clearly understood in person and over the phone in English
Must be able to create easily understandable, accurate, and correct documents and e-mails
Must be able to work nine (9) hours per day or longer as needed
Must be able to utilize hotels, restaurants, public transportation (airlines, taxis, buses, rail, subways, etc.) and navigate unfamiliar roads and cities

Questions that must be answered by candidate with resume submission:

     1.   Do you have at least 5 years of experience in managing projects (direct management responsibility) in gas plants, pipelines, or gas treating equipment? 


     2.   Do you have experience in managing all phases of the project life cycle?  Please describe.


     3.    Do you have a bachelor's degree?  In what field?    


     4.    Do you have working knowledge and experience in MS Project or similar scheduling software, and are you able to create and maintain project schedules according to a WBS format? 


     5.    Have you managed multi-disciplined teams?  Please explain.


     6.    What size of projects have you have been directly responsible for?


     7.    Do you have a PMP certification or are you willing to attain one?


     8.    How many years of refinery and terminals experience do you have?Type your paragraph here.

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